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It is with deep, deep sorrow and a very, very heavy heart that we need to inform everyone that Spirit crossed the Rainbow Bridge on August 7, 2015, where we know that she got her Angel Wings and is flying high, so for everyone that knew her and loved her when you look at the sky tonight she will be swinging on the brightest star that is after she meets all of her animal friends that have gone before her as now she will be able to run and play free of pain.
"Spirit put the Saint in St Bernard"
Spirit you will be missed by ALL that knew you.

Spirit joined our family on April 23, 2011.

She is a lovely gal with one brown eye, one blue eye, a full figure and a gentle personality.

We are fortunate that she came to us with her veterinary records so we know her birthday is April 14, 2006. We'll be able to schedule her birthday party on the proper date!

Spirit made a 4 yr old little girl happy on Friday as she was taking her daily walk!

This 4 year old little girl saw Spirit and wanted to see, touch and talk to her so badly that the dad stopped his truck and asked our Dog Walker, Jessica Murray, if his little girl could touch Spirit because she thought that Spirit was Nana (the St. Bernard) from Peter Pan. The little girl was happy and so was Spirit!

A rough life!

Spirit dog!

Spirit's first day in her new home

Spirit settling in

Audrey and her new friend Spirit

Liz and Spirit

Spirit at 10 months

Spirit as a young lass

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