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Tribute to Skipper

Skipper was five years old when he came into our lives, soon after we purchased the farm in October 1995. At the time we had two potbelly pigs, Randolph and Rachel. We moved into our new home when we received a call about a potbelly pig (Skipper) that was taken from his owner because he kept getting away and running loose in Providence. The caller stated that if we couldn't take Skipper that he was going to be killed the following day. We were not equipped to take him immediately but knew we wanted to save him so with the help from a friend we built a fence and got the barn ready for his arrival.

Audrey and Skipper

Skipper and his food bowl

On January 2, 1996, Skipper arrived at our farm beaten, bloody and burned with minimal bristles left. We were shocked and saddened by his condition and immediately set to work healing his physical and emotional wounds. We developed a bond as he recovered. It was during Skipper's healing process that we realized that we wanted to rescue more potbelly pigs. We soon discovered that they are the most commonly misunderstood "throw-away" animals. Thanks to Skipper, a runaway pig in Providence, our first rescue turned into what we are today.

Since then we have rescued and placed approximately 70 potbelly pigs along with an exorbitant number of cats and kittens and continue to take in all kinds of other animals to live and enjoy life on our farm. We will miss our mascot, Skipper forever. He was buried on our farm in the sun where he loved to take his afternoon naps. Skipper was 17 years old and we were blessed with him for 12 years. It is because of Skipper that we have created a safe haven for animals and will continue to do so in his memory.

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