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Happy Tails

When one of our rescue animals at Smith & Agli's Potbelly Manor is adopted, we consider that a "Happy Tail" and we will share that with you here.

Here are Agnes and Bell at their new home with their new parents Bo and Deb.



Bobo was adopted by Pam of Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue.

Pam writes:
8/16/2011 9:43 AM

Hi Audrey,
Bobo is great! He is such a good boy. He roams freely in our yard and everyone loves him.... He is on a diet somewhat though and he does not like that!


Yeaaaa Bobo and Pam!

Pig Line

One of Paige's and one of Pearl's boys were adopted by Lu Ann and Norman,
who live just down the road in Exeter.

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