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Pet Expo

Photos from our visits to the annual Pet Expo.

2014 Pet Expo




2013 Pet Expo

2012 Pet Expo

Thank you to the volunteers and supporters who made this expo a success. The Pet Expo is a challenging event and it takes a great team to pull it off. This year we had beautiful scarves and dog cookies for sale, we offered face painting, Liz did tarot readings and much more.

2011 Pet Expo

February 5th & 6th: Another fun and exhausting year at the Expo. We were across the aisle from the petting zoo this year, which provided an endless stream of entertainment and Liz fell in love with Coal the llama!

2010 Pet Expo

The 2010 Pet Expo on March 6 & 7th was a success. We really did get the cow car into the convention center!! And they said we couldn't do it.....

The crowd loved the car and it became the center for ad lib photo ops for 2 days; even the Providence Journal loved it - we made the paper!!!

The Cow Car made it in!

Audrey in front of her pride & joy

Liz supervises Don sprucing up the car

Liz reads cards at the Expo

Audrey meets Pollyana the camel

Audrey is not sure she likes Pollyana as much as Pollyana likes her!!

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