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Smith & Agli's Potbelly Manor

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Our Friends and Supporters:

Animal Care, Information, and Services

Bite Me Dog Bakery
Thank you to Nancy who donated dog cookies to sell at the Pet Expo and who repainted Bette's likeness on top of the cow car!!

Look how gorgeous she is again!

Defenders of Animals
Dennis Tabella of Defenders of Animals provides a great service to our animal friends and has helped us numerous times over the years. Thank you Dennis!

Final Gift
Crematory services. Caring, compassionate and respectful. Highly recommended.

Northeast Animal Care
Pet sitting, hoof trimming, veterinary technician services. Love you Jenna!

PawsWatch is a group of volunteers that provides veterinary care and shelter to improve the lives of feral and unowned cats.

Pet Refuge
No-kill Pet Refuge operated by the North Kingstown-Exeter Animal Protection League.

Pig Placement Network
An adoption service for pet pigs, which is part of the Society for Advancement of Pet Pigs, a non-profit corporation.

The nOkill Network
The nØkill Network is dedicated to promoting animal shelters and rescue groups by helping people learn about and locate these organizations.

Wildlife Rehabilitors Association of Rhode Island
This clinic is in the same building as Veterinary Services of Wickford and is the hub of healing for wildlife in Rhode Island. A staff of dedicated volunteers extends throughout the state to ensure injured wildlfe are given the opportunity to heal and return to their native environment. Potbelly Manor has a partnership with the Wildlife Center. Dr. Chan and Dr. Bird are FABULOUS. Yaay!

Veterinary Services of Wickford
Phone 401-294-9518. THANK YOU DR. BIRD for your extensive and compassionate services (and for enduring conditions above and beyond the call of duty when Ariel, our therapy pig, vomited in the waiting room)!


Crazy for Cows
Celebrate bovines of all shapes and sizes. Mooooooo! Cattle lovers... come join the herd!

Fiberglass Farm
When you're in the market for unique fiberglass creations or animals ready-made from our hundreds of molds or absolutely anything custom-made, Fiberglass Farm is your one-stop source for fiberglass animals (or whatever you're after), products, and advice.

Green Valley Veterinary Services
Dr. Dennis Thibeault, 860-420-5002, started Green Valley Veterinary Services in 2008 to focus on highly personalized patient care.

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