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Pearl and Piglets

We lost our Pearl on January 11, 2020.

Paige, who crossed Rainbow Bridge on 11/25/2015, and her daughter Pearl were rescued from a tough situation during the winter of 2009. Both were pregnant at the time of their rescue although Pearl kept her secret until February! Six days after arriving Paige gave birth to her litter-13 little Christmas piglets, and in February Pearl surprised us.

Dr. Bird from Wickford Veterinary Services took 4 of the piglets and personally oversaw their care for several weeks. Three of the piglets were adopted out but when pigs are inbred survival is always tenuous and one morning one of the piglets passed in his sleep. We are happy to report that the other two have thrived and are living very happy lives-see their story on our Happy Tails page.

The 4th piglet remained at Potbelly Manor. One of the farm volunteers arranged to board her in return for working at the farm. Thanks Matt for all your help!

to the wonderful veterinarians who provided expert care, advice and support:
Dr. Meredith Bird-Veterinary Services of Wickford
Dr. Max Balmforth-N. Kingstown Animal Hospital
Dr. Ennis and Dr. Kneser from BC Large Animal Clinic
Tufts University Ambulatory Service
Dr. Chan from the wildlife clinic.

Pearl and her piglets:

Pregnant Pearl

Pearl's 1 day old piglets!!

Pearl's 1 day old piglets

Pearl's piglets-6 days old!

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